Month: July 2015

The 18th Century French Flashy Rococo Art On Your Wrist

After the baroque art subsided, the more soft and flexible Rococo art gradually appeared in the public’s vision. Rococo art popular in France in the eighteenth century, style is delicate, exquisite, flashy. Incorporating Rococo art into watch design not only adds to the design of the watch itself, but also gives a sense of ancient flashy times.

Van Cleef & Arpels Bals de Légende Collection
Court rococo

  Prom is an essential condiment for court life. This ball-themed watch expresses Rococo style with court stories. Whether it is a palace outlined by background lines, or aristocratic men and women who are dancing in the open, the luxurious beauty of aristocratic life can be seen at a glance. Even the flowers occupying the bottom of the dial seem to be swaying in the wind. The flowing sense of the curve and the theme of the palace ball show the meaning of the court Rococo. St. Petersburg, hidden in the snow and ice, is like a magical world emerging from Russian fairy tales.

  The Bals de Légende watch is embellished with mother-of-pearl and features a 24-hour poetic complicationTM movement that glides across the pink gold dial.

Xialihao New St. Tropez Collection

  At first glance, this New St. Tropez series watch was attracted by its unique design. The design that integrates the watch and the bracelet is novel, elegant and unique. What deserves a taste is the combination of the vine pattern design and the chain decoration of the strap. Whether it is vines or chains, it gives people a sense of restraint. The design of this watch is exquisite and charming, but it looms a sense of danger and imprisonment. This coincides with the state of life of medieval European nobles. You can enjoy your life and squander time, but there are always some rules that bind you, and true freedom needs to be defended by your own life. Rococo’s artistic style broke through the rigidity of Baroque, but left the cowardly beauty.

  Xialihao New St. Tropez series large surface watch, the body diameter of 30 mm, decorated with small seconds dial and smooth scale decoration. Four large Roman numerals are set on the bezel of white or black mother-of-pearl. Available in a satin black version with a touch of sun, or in white or pink fritillary. In addition, the marine bracelet is also available in all steel or rose gold mixed steel versions. 10 new New St. Tropez watches make every moment of your journey look great.
Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Vintage Onyx Collection

  Although Rococo style has the disadvantages of rigidity and complexity, it has a unique way to show the feminine beauty. This Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra collection is a new design. Although the clover has a simple shape and monotonous color, it is ingeniously decorated with gold beads. The low-key in the shape well supports the gorgeousness and exquisiteness of the design theme. The series of fine gold beaded edges with medieval luxurious decoration charm adds to the watch’s temperament and highlights the feminine beauty.

  The Alhambra collection introduces two new designs: one is a small model of the Alhambra Vintage watch with a diamond-studded four-leaf clover case; the other four-leaf clover bracelet watch is set with agate and trimmed with gold beads , While the case and dial show a cute and pretty clover shape at the same time.
Van Cleef & Arpels Charms

  The design of this garden Rococo watch is more agile. The simple and beautiful dial is dotted with the words ‘Van Cleef & Arpels’, and the font is luxurious and clever. The dial is decorated with two diamond edges, which is noble. The most attractive thing is the clover pendant on the watch, as if a naughty and flirtatious girl hurries out with an earring. How can such a noble and sweet garden Rococo watch keep women away?

  The name of this watch is ‘charm’, which means that the clover pendant is the source of temptation. At the same time, lucky charms are reminiscent of ancient amulets and small decorative objects. In the 18th and 19th centuries, amulets became small personal jewels, and they were more incarnate as identification symbols, lucky charms or love tokens.

  Technology: white or rose gold case, only 25 mm in diameter. 2 rows or full paved diamonds Alhambra clover motif, guilloché hand-engraved radial dial, sunburst effect, Swiss quartz movement, alligator leather strap, satin strap in white / rose gold or white gold / rose Gold inlaid diamond buckle.
Longines Les Elégantes

  The obvious Rococo style in the Longines Les Elégantes collection takes luxury and elegance to the next level. Complicated patterns and numerous curvilinear designs make the watch show architecturally clear lines without losing fluidity. The tone of the white theme reflects the purity of Rococo, and the classic chic hour fonts bring its dazzling charm to the extreme.
Longines Les Elégantes

  The design of the dial is exquisite and gorgeous, and the details can be considered one by one, as if the watch in front of him is an exquisitely structured 18th-century Rococo architectural clock tower. The cat-eye surface is a sacred clock mounted on the top of the bell tower for the world to look up to.

  Longines Les Elégantes series watch in 18K white gold with Wesselton VVS diamonds, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal surface, 18 hand-made manual movement L805 by Longines, swing frequency 21,600 vib / h, 28-hour power reserve, white ribbon Small buckle.