Month: May 2015

Beyonce Howe Spent 5 Million Dollars To Buy Hublot ‘5 Million Dollars’ Queshizhen

Exceeding the principle of “emphasizing and accentuating existing gemstones” from the design to processing of high-end jewelry watches, Hublot’s $ 5 million watch is completely the opposite. -The diamond cutter is involved in the initial design phase.
   The world’s first timeless products, unique stunning works and unprecedented creativity! Breaking away from the traditional high jewelry watch’s principle of “emphasizing and supporting existing gemstones” from design to processing, Hublot’s $ 5 million watch is completely the opposite-the diamond cutter participated in the In the design stage, and looking for the diamond that best matches the complex structure of the case, dial and strap. Next, the cutter and the inlayer worked their best to process these diamonds to ensure that the watch and diamond were perfectly combined.

   The first challenge is to further develop the design concept of Big Bang while retaining the appearance characteristics of Big Bang to ensure that diamonds weighing more than 3 carats can be combined with the watch. Once the technical design is finalized, it is necessary to pick the right diamonds and set them on the watch. It took just a year to just pick the largest diamonds from the rough across the globe, as well as the other 1,276 diamonds. Each diamond is carefully selected to ensure that each other’s quality and color are uniform. Then they are reprocessed one by one to ensure their perfect integration with the watch. The largest diamonds that have obtained GIA certification are independently cut by the ‘Master’ who has more than 40 years of experience and reputation in New York to ensure that these diamonds have the same style and have the same cutting ‘signature’.
    The production of a watch requires a long process: various processes require 14 months of full-time work by many experts, including 12 months of fine carving by 12 cutters, and 7 months of elaborate setting by 5 inlayers. With 1282 square diamonds weighing more than 100 carats, they use their dazzling brilliance to show the most exquisite skills of the jewelry setting industry.
 This watch is a veritable collection of diamonds. Each diamond is a carefully chosen one that shines with each other and shines!
    This is the most precious watch created by Hublot and its long-term partner, the Atelier Bent Inlaying Workshop in Geneva. The diamonds selected by Hublot are of the highest quality, with a purity of VVS and a color that meets the top Wesselton standards.

 Technical Parameters
Limited to 1, 1282 diamonds, over 100 carat side diamonds, 6 emerald cut diamonds, each over 3 carats
Number: 306.WX.0099.WX.9904
Case: 44mm – 18K white gold set with 302 square diamonds, totaling 27 carats
Table mirror: sapphire mirror with anti-reflective coating on the inside and outside, and metal HUBLOT logo
Case back: Ring-embedded, 18K white gold HUBLOT seal
Crown: 18K white gold with 12 square diamonds totaling 0.67 carats, 1 rose-cut diamond, 1.06 carats
Dial: 18K white gold, 150 palladium, set with 179 square diamonds, totaling 8.75 carats
Hands: Faceted, diamond polished rhodium-plated hollow hands
Movement: HUB1100 self-winding mechanical movement-Vibration frequency: 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz)
Diameter: 11 1/2’’’(25.6mm)
Thickness: 3.60mm
Number of parts: 63 (number of gems: 25)
Power reserve: about 42 hours
Strap: 18K white gold with 782 square diamonds, totaling 45 carats, 6 emerald-cut diamonds, each 3 carats, totaling more than 18 carats, 18K white gold folding clasp