Month: April 2015

When Women Want The Moon In The Sky Gp Girard-perregaux Brings Them Extraordinary Beauty And Extreme Precision Cat Eye Series Starlight Night Sky Moon Phase Watch

The beauty of a woman comes from her perfect appearance, elegant manners and temperament exuded from the inside out. GP Girard-Perregaux’s Cat’s Eye Collection is designed for women to express this strong femininity. As a major innovation in the field of fine watchmaking, it combines excellent aesthetic design and high-quality mechanical movements, adhering to the brand’s traditional superb Swiss watchmaking tradition, creating a series of attractive female mechanical watches. The cat’s eye series Celestial watch, as a new member of Girard Perregaux’s prestigious cat’s eye series, has injected rich emotions and complex diversity into it.
Full moon and starlight

   The moon phase occupies almost the entire dial space, it is the most noticeable highlight, reminding us: the moon plays a leading role among the dancing stars, and the division of time is caused by human observation. The sun allows humans to distinguish between day and night, and determine the season; the cycle of the moon’s movement derives from the concept of the month. The moon pulls the tides up and down, like the hourglass of time in water; all the abstract features can’t help but be imaginative.
Design highlights

   The iconic cat-eye case provides a stage for a little bit of starlight, and its gorgeous oval-shaped appearance is full of vitality and charm, which gently fits the curvature of the wrist, making it look like a real gem. The case is made of rose gold and set with 62 brilliant-cut diamonds. It is romantically matched with the mother-of-pearl dial with engraved carving. The dial is embellished with a guilloché pattern and waterdrop-shaped diamond scales, and the eyes are drawn to a moon phase display disc with a diameter of 8.9 mm and rotation in 59 days. Compared with the ordinary moon phase display, the complicated moon phase display device that drives this complexity is not connected to the axis of the hour wheel, but is linked to the barrel, so that it can move smoothly without any tremor.
360 years later
   GP Girard-Perregaux pursues the complexity and precision of its work as perfectly and delicately. To achieve this height standard, the moon’s surface is designed with tiny domes, and mother-of-pearl and aventurine are used for inlaying and polishing by hand. This particular aventurine sparkles like gold dust, unique and charming. In the eighteenth century, a glassblower in Murano, Italy accidentally plunged copper shavings into molten glass.The glassmaker later named this new material aventurine (English name: Aventurine) , From Italian Per Aventura, meaning ‘incidental’). Adhering to Swiss fine watchmaking for more than two centuries, Girard-Perregaux has given the Cat’s Eye Starlight Moon Phase Night Sky Watch a high degree of time accuracy, and has implemented the brand’s highest watchmaking standards. The average moon phase will produce an error of one day every two and a half years. However, the Girard-Perregaux cat’s eye series starlight night sky moon phase watch only needs to be transferred once every 360 years.
inner beauty
   Adhering to the traditional watchmaking concept, this new work is equipped with GP03300-0125 automatic winding movement, which is designed, developed and manufactured by Girard-Perregaux in the finest Swiss watchmaking tradition. This 240-part movement has a power reserve of up to 46 hours and is distinguished by its superior decoration. It features a mainboard with Geneva ripples and round patterns, blue steel screws, and the ‘GP’ mark. Automatic rotor. Demonstrating the brand’s consistent aesthetic standards, the Girard Perregaux Cat’s Eye Starry Night Sky Moon Phase Watch is paired with a rose gold strap or a midnight blue alligator strap to illuminate the night sky in glittering stars.

Technical specifications

Material: Rose gold with 62 brilliant-cut diamonds, approximately 0.80 carats
Dimensions: 35.44 x 30.44 mm
Height: 11.40 mm
Glass: Anti-reflective sapphire crystal
Case back: Sapphire crystal
Dial: guilloché mother-of-pearl, drop-shaped time scale, set with 33 diamonds, totaling approximately 0.108 carats
Hand: Leaf
Water resistance: 30 meters (3 ATM)
Reference model: GP03300-0125, mechanical winding
Diameter: 25.60mm (11 ½ ‘’’)
Height: 5.40 mm
Frequency: 28,800 vibrations / hour-(4 Hz)
Number of components: 240
Jewels: 32
Power reserve: at least 46 hours
Function: hour hand, minute hand, large moon phase display
Material: Dark blue crocodile leather strap or rose gold strap
Buckle: Rose gold folding buckle