Month: August 2014

What Watch Does Xiaoxianrou Wear? Three Male Gods Tell You

Young, sunny, handsome, and chic are the characteristics of the little fresh male gods. They conquered a series of audiences with high value and high strength. Whether it’s a sportsman or a warm guy next door, they can easily perform. If you want to wear their fresh meat, you must first observe their matching style. Watch House editors of these three watches launched today, ‘fresh meat Faner’ is full, like fashion, like sportsmanship watch friends do not miss it.

Chanel J12 H3101-41 mm

Watch series: J12
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: matte black high-tech precision ceramic
Strap Material: Ceramic
Case diameter: 41 mm
Details of the models: Zhang Weifo, played by Chen Weiting in ‘Old Nine Gates’, was really on fire. The strong tough guy style firmly grasped the hearts of the audience. From ‘Gu Jian Qi Tan’ to ‘Men Cannot Be Poor’, Chen Weiting has a wide range of dramas, whether in costume drama or modern drama, he can express his own unique style. In the recent activities, he was flexible and dressed in the trendy men’s Chanel early spring vacation series, and also matched with the Chanel J12 series of dual time zone watches.

Panerai Luminor PAM 00356

Watch Series: LUMINOR
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Calfskin
Case diameter: 44 mm
Watch details: From ‘Advertising Little Prince’ to the warm male figure, Zheng Kai has a good performance in each stage. Especially the outstanding performance in the four variety show ‘Run, Brother’ won the praise of the audience. In life, this little fresh meat for the sun is more interested in sports watches, large size and masculine watches, such as Panerai, wearing a Panerai series models attended more activities, both sports The two qualities of elegance and elegance add a lot to the masculinity of this male god.

Tissot T-CLASSIC T085.427.36.061.00

Watch Series: T-CLASSIC
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Case material: Stainless steel rose gold plated
Strap Material: Leather
Case diameter: 42.3 mm
Watch details: ‘National husband’ can be described as one of the small fresh meat representatives in the sports world. In the competition, the handsome appearance, handsome face, perfect figure and other charms made him the new male god of swimming. Different from swimming competitions, in his leisure time, he was elegant and restrained in his dress style, modest, and revealed his book life with his hands raised. The male god is paired with a Tissot T-CLASSIC watch.

In summary: ‘Thin dressing, thin clothes when undressing’ is what we describe to the small fresh meat. The outstanding appearance and fashionable dressing style make us fascinated. Three different styles of little fresh meat male gods have provided us with three different ways of matching watches. Table friends who like their style of matching watches can consider starting the corresponding watch models!

2009 Geneva Watch Awards Top 10 Awards Result

At the end of each year, the ‘Geneva Watch Award’ resembles an Oscar award in the watch industry and presents the most authoritative report card for the watch market this year. Recently, the ninth ‘Geneva Watch Awards’ was announced at the Geneva Opera House. Each of the 10 awards was its own and became the latest weathervane for investment on the wrist.
TRADITIONAL traditional watch factory strength continues
Golden Finger Award-Lange Lange Zeitwerk Watch
The meticulous German attitude and extremely strong watchmaking craftsmanship earned Lange Zeitwerk watches the highest award in the selection event-the ‘Golden Finger Award’.
The highest award, the ‘Golden Finger Grand Prix’, was widely received by Lange’s Lange Zeitwerk watch, which was first launched in May this year. It presents the complex functions of the watch with the simplest design, which not only reflects the supreme pursuit of watch technology, but also reflects The characteristics and skills of German watches. It is arranged with a completely digital clock and minutes, which outlines the most concise time indication, and with the symmetrical design of the power reserve and small seconds, it shows the most perfect dial layout, once again highlighting the strength of Germany’s top watches, but also looming The meaning of the Lange watch will become the preferred brand of watch collection and consumer market.
Best Men’s Watch
Jules Audemars avec échappement Audemars Piguet watch
Audemars Piguet’s Jules Audemars avec échappement Audemars Piguet watch is sophisticated and exquisite. In addition to its functions, its appearance is definitely worthy of the title of the best men’s watch.
Audemars Piguet’s Jules Audemars avec échappement Audemars Piguet is the winner of the best men’s watch. The extremely long watch name reflects a technical concept-the Audemars Piguet escapement. This mechanism is different from the traditional fork escapement and has the characteristics of anti-wear and high accuracy, which is a chance to add points. The dial design of three-dimensional artistic beauty is also the key to the award.
Best Design Table
Opus 9
Opus 9 not only looks very eye-catching, but also shows time in a completely different way. The best design award deserves its name.
Ou Hai Rui Winston’s Opus series has made her complicated function models, and in 2009, Opus 9 has made this year’s best design watch. It uses the moving diamond bars on the left and right sides (the red diamond represents the hands), together with the corresponding clock and minute scale to represent the time. Achieving this design requires changing the transmission mode inherent in the movement, and therefore also relies on the wisdom of watchmakers.
Best Women’s Watch
Piaget Limelight Twice Watch
Piaget Women’s Watches have always been the perfect combination of jewelry setting and watchmaking skills.
The best women’s watch laurel crown was picked by Piaget’s Limelight Twice watch. It is based on the concept of interpreting the time face of women in different situations, showing two different styles of dial design: one side is luxurious and noble with diamonds, and the other is the modern trend of young jumping. One form and two sides convey different lifestyles. Perhaps this idea is why the judges finally voted for the key.
Watchmakers also won awards
Outstanding watchmakers have also won awards, one is Dr. Ludwig Oechslin (Special Award of the Organizing Committee), the director of the Swiss International Watch Museum, and the other is Anthony Randall (Best Watchmaker Award). Considered to be an outstanding achievement, and the award is well deserved.
Cutting-edge emerging brands go hand in hand
Best Sports Watch RM 025 Montre De Plongée
大师 Master Richard Mille is a wonderful work in the watch. Not only is his personality unique, the watch works are also absolutely unique.
虽然 Although Richard Mille was short-lived, he has been showing a variety of functions in the traditional watch world with a new sports concept. The RM 025 Montre De Plongée, which won the best sports watch award, is typical. This watch breaks away from the traditional land speed sports and brings the complex movement with tourbillon mechanism into the deep sea. It is a veritable diving sports watch. For the first time, it is equipped with a round case for this advanced sports watch. Gives a whole new look.
Best Complex Function Table
Double Tourbillon Technique
Greubel Forsey’s watch really deduces complex functions to a very high level.
品牌 Greubel Forsey, a brand named after two independent watchmakers, has won the award for best complex function for its work Double Tourbillon Technique. This complex watch designed with the new tourbillon concept emphasizes the practical function of the precise travel time of the tourbillon, and this effect is achieved by the tourbillon mechanism inclined at 30 degrees. Although the function is complex, the arrangement of the entire movement reflects From the side of simplicity, perhaps complexity becomes simple. This is the super high level of complex function tables.
Best Jewellery Watch
Hublot One Million $ Black Caviar Bang
Special materials, diamonds, rare and precious … Hengbao watches, the best jewellery watches, have indeed been favored by the market this year.
Hengbao’s One Million $ Black Caviar Bang watch won the best jewelry watch award. Interestingly, also on the evening of the 14th (Beijing time), this watch appeared in the ‘Kuangshi Tibetan Watch’ event organized by DFS in Macau. At the time, I was explaining this watch at the Macau event (due to the time difference, the Swiss award The ceremony has not yet been held). The unique black diamonds and precise inlaying technology really made the audience in China feel boasted, and the price of millions of dollars once again showed the expensive value of jewelry watches.
Best Public Award
de Grisogono
Grde Grisogono-The best public award voted by consumers. It is very amazing. It embodies the digital age with mechanical connotations, especially advancing with the times.
In addition to the awards selected by the judges, the public has also selected a public award through online voting and other channels-Meccanico dG N03 Titane by de Grisogono. This watch with mechanical connotation in the digital age is actually a watch that represents the concept of modern watchmaking. Perhaps she also reflects a contemporary concept of time in people.