Month: December 2013

Holiday Call! 360-degree Panoramic View Of Switzerland!

I haven’t moved yet, my heart is far away: the holidays are just around the corner, and I really do n’t plan to have a hot holiday vacation plan! Do not! and! It’s up! Haven’t you let yourself go for a long time? This long vacation, let’s come to Alpine Switzerland at the foot of the Alps, take a look at the alpine glaciers, snow-capped mountains and lakes, and enjoy the unique and delicious food. Switzerland!
Cool trip to Switzerland
Speaking of Switzerland, this country with a soaring happiness index always reveals the aspirational romance and purity. The blue sky, the fresh air, the quiet and quiet town, the clean and dusty lakes, the uniquely famous snow-capped mountains scenery … intoxicated by a lake and mountains, like entering a dreamlike fairy tale world. The cold and holy light on the top of the snow-capped mountains, the cute cows on the lush green slopes, the beautiful Zhong Ling on the azure lake, and the signature red cable car, each scene attracts you to stop.
Cool play must reach
Jungfraujoch: At an altitude of 3,454m, it is called top of Europe and is the highest point reached by European trains. On a short walk, you can see the meadow full of flowers and the snow-capped mountains nearby.
Matterhorn: 4478m above sea level, it is the last Alpine peak conquered by climbers in Switzerland. Its precipitous mountain is like a sharp sword rising high, standing among the mountains, magnificent and mysterious.

Cool Swiss Food
Happy holidays are indispensable for gourmet rewards. How can you ignore the deliciousness of your tongue while feasting on your eyes. Affected by the multiple cultures in the country, Swiss cuisine also follows the language division. It can be divided into German, French, and Italian. The three regions have different styles of special cuisine. The German-style baked potato chips are crunchy and tempting, while the Italian-style gravy risotto is endless. And the most famous of them is the cheese fondue. The bread pieces covered with hot cheese are served with pepper and potatoes, and a glass of white wine is used to relieve the tiredness.
In addition to the multi-cuisine cuisine, the world-famous milk chocolate is also a must-try. Is the idea of ​​chocolate completely exhausted by the Swiss? It is also a great pleasure to taste a variety of fresh chocolates in Switzerland.

Cool Swiss Dress Up
Leisure vacations are also the best time to shoot blockbusters with concave shapes. Don’t forget to prepare a few different shapes in advance for travel strategies. Trying something exotic or street-style look that is different from usual on the trip is just as fresh.
There is nothing more representative of freedom than the bohemian wind and hippie wind. It goes through the clear mountains and lakes of Switzerland and of course matches a free soul. Or open up an alternative street style between the mountains and the white snow, and bring the interpretation of your inner fashion attitude and express your personality to the mountains and lakes.

Exotic Charm Collection

Street Energy Series