Month: May 2013

Avant-garde Technology And Beautiful Art Co-exist, Tasting The Athens Sailing Big Fire Flame Enamel Tourbillon

Athens watch’s iconic nautical series welcomes a new member of the Nautical Grand Fire Enamel Tourbillon Blue Grand Fire Dial. The rare and unique blue Grand Fire enamel creates an elegant beauty. Ever since the young Mr. Athens created the first timeless work in 1846, the astronomical clock, sailing has been the core theme of the Athenian watch. These sophisticated marine instruments developed by Mr. Athens have been favored by navies around the world, with footprints all over the Sea of ​​Japan and the Cape of Good Hope. They are also the source of inspiration for watchmakers today. (Model: 1283-181 / E3)

Watch real shot display:

   The blue dial is contrasting with the wide sea color, the coin-shaped bezel, the Roman numerals, the blue big fire enamel dial is exquisite and delicate, giving the dial a layered sense. At six o’clock is the striking 60-second flying tourbillon At 12 o’clock, there is a 60-hour power reserve display, elegant pointer design with Roman numerals. As a precision marine timepiece, it is water resistant to 100 meters.

   This modern and fashionable nautical grand fire enamel tourbillon, with a unique blue enamel dial, combines the three most important pillars that can highlight the personality of the Athenian watch-homemade movement, avant-garde technology and beautiful art.

   The flying tourbillon is one of the most amazing complication in the fine watch industry. The creation of the tourbillon is for the movement to resist the errors caused by gravity, and it is also one of the best achievements of the mechanical watchmaking industry. It is a bold innovation. In this highly accurate watch, the frame of the flying tourbillon, the escapement wheel, the screws and the hairspring are all produced by the Athens watch itself.

  The stainless steel case is wear-resistant and exquisite, exclusive to the luster and charm of metal, delicate and beautiful.

  The blue dial of this nautical fire flame enamel tourbillon is extremely difficult to make, and the craftsman interpreted it perfectly to create stunning effects. Daming fire enamel is named because it needs to be fired at a very high temperature in a kiln. This ‘big fire’ hot burning is a necessary process, used to melt the enamel powder, the result is usually a light milky white, so this clear blue ocean-like surface is an original work.
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