Month: February 2013

Changing With Your Mood Mob10011 Watch Brief Review

In the eyes of men, women are usually more changeable, including emotions, moods, and attitudes towards people or things around them. Usually, the first second is happy and the second may be a trivial matter. But they become unhappy, so there are many things that can affect women’s emotions. They all like to write on their faces and express their emotions. Baume & Mercier launched a ladies’ watch with interchangeable straps for women who like to pursue new life attitudes and expectations for new things. In this way, as long as you buy a watch, you can have different styles of watches, you can As you go to more occasions, today is a watch like this, a brief review of the Baume & Mercier series MOA10011 watch.

  There are many female elements on this compact watch. In addition to changing the strap, we will also see the elements seen in some of the top women’s watches, such as diamond-set and mother-of-pearl cases. The feminine beauty of this watch. The overall size of this watch is relatively small, and it is more suitable for women who are taller.
  This watch is a compact lady’s watch, with a small diameter of 27 mm and a thickness of 8 mm. The dial is made of mother-of-pearl and inlaid with 11 diamonds, making the entire dial even more dazzling. The Arabic numerals are engraved on the outer ring of the case to help read the time and play a decorative role. The only regret is that this watch does not have a luminous function.
  This watch uses a three-pin design. In order to better show the beauty of women, a diamond element has been added to the dial design. Everyone knows that women like diamond jewelry and perfume clothes. This is also a selling point that can attract women.
  Because the quartz movement is used, the specific model is unknown. Therefore, this watch does not have particularly complicated functions, which makes it easier to control the thickness of the case. This watch only has a date display function, and there are no other redundant functions.

  The case and bracelet are made of 316L stainless steel, which is widely used in various fields for its excellent corrosion resistance and is praised. It is worth mentioning that the button connected between the bracelet and the case can be opened. We just need to open this button to replace the bracelet. It can be done in one minute without any professional tools and equipment. Convenience.

  I’m sorry to tell you that we don’t know the specific model of the movement used in this watch, but only know that this is a watch with a quartz movement, with a sealed bottom that can reach a water resistance of 50 meters.

The original bracelet uses a folding buckle to make it easier to operate.

  The replaceable bracelet is worn with a pin buckle. As we said in the title, changing a strap to a different mood is the same, even the wearing method is different.

  We can take a look at the three color straps provided by the manufacturer when we were shooting. All of them are Baume & Mercier’s spring and summer 2012 limited edition straps, which are double-sided and double-colored. The color of the stitching is consistent with the strap.

  All three straps are worn with pin buckles, all of which are double-sided and two-color designs to bring you more joy when you wear them.

  In the end, we can change the three effects after changing the strap. If you do n’t look closely, it really feels like changing a new watch. It seems that this design of Baume & Mercier is very successful. If you do n’t know how to replace it, For the strap students, please refer to my colleague’s article ‘A Brief Comment on the Noble and Elegant Baume & Mercier MOA10073 Watch’, which has a detailed explanation on how to replace the strap and the principle structure.
  Summary: It is not surprising that Baume & Mercier as a very literary watch manufacturer can make products with this design. I personally think that this design is also very successful. The seemingly simple design can protect the watch when it is worn. The safety of the product also enables you to change your mood instantly. The concept of a limited edition three-color strap makes Lingni’s interchangeable strap system more creative and trendy. Without the help of any tools, you can change the strap in an instant, so that you can lead the fashion and trend at any time.
For more details, please see: baume / 8355 /

Vacheron Constantin Powers The 2014 European Arts And Crafts Open Day

According to Watch House, we know that the world’s top watch brand Vacheron Constantin has fully supported the annual open day of arts and crafts industry since 2011, and has jointly promoted and inherited more than 200 years of traditional craft culture. This year is no exception.

 This year Vacheron Constantin will host a series of events in France, London, Milan, and Western Switzerland from April 4th to 6th. In just four years, the brand spared no effort to exert its influence for the European Arts and Crafts Open Day.

 On the 2012 Arts and Crafts Open Day, Vacheron Constantin announced the establishment of the 250 Club, which sponsors an association of companies with a heritage of more than 250 years. The 250 Club’s mission is to promote extraordinary gatherings of industry insiders, to protect and celebrate centuries-old traditional crafts by encouraging innovative cultural projects. Open to entrepreneurship, the 250 Club is a place to provide fresh experiences and participate in the protection of tangible and intangible heritage. As the founder and chairman of the 250 Club, Vacheron Constantin will be honored to hire sponsoring members to form the 250 Club Committee.

  There are five constructive and symbolic standards for joining the 250 Club: Members need to have a 250-year uninterrupted history, have superb craftsmanship traditions, prove that they can master their value chain, ensure common values ​​in the founding period, and are in the international field Brilliant on the show. The club together counts and calls on more than 150 world-famous practitioners of table art, living art, taste art and jewelry art to join the club. The 250 Club’s core project is to showcase the creation of the material or intangible heritage of one or more craftsmen each year. These projects are named by the 250 Club and will be carried out in the form of exhibitions, public or private events, academic seminars or visits to artisanal workshops. The 250 Club is open to the public to discover the secrets behind these industries.

 With the passage of time, many traditional handicrafts have quietly stunted. In order to better inherit and carry forward these priceless gems in the history of human civilization, Vacheron Constantin and people from all walks of life jointly held events such as the European Arts and Crafts Open Day. Its significance is to let modern people understand traditional craftsmanship and save those craftsmanship that are gradually fading out of people’s sight.

 Each event is like a cultural invitation that transcends time but combines meticulousness, precision, excellence, and beauty. This unique opportunity not only gives everyone a deeper understanding of the craftsmanship heritage that needs careful care, it also allows people to imagine and explore all the possibilities for a perfect fusion of heritage with today’s universal values.

 Vacheron Constantin has inherited the essence of Swiss traditional watchmaking technology for more than 250 years since its establishment. It has never stopped and has made great contributions to the watchmaking industry. Vacheron Constantin has always paid attention to the field of culture and arts. Through the form of sponsorship or cooperation, many arts and crafts are protected and supported. The purpose is to let everyone understand the handicraft heritage that needs careful care and make them realize that these industries have future development.