Month: October 2012

Tag Heuer La Maison World Tour Exhibition Held In Kuala Lumpur

It is understood that the famous watch brand TAG Heuer and Kuala Lumpur recently held a grand exhibition-La Maison World Tour Exhibition, which aims to promote the brand spirit and values. Edward Heuer loved sports and creating accurate timers throughout his life. The need for precise timing of various sports and athletic events has given endless inspiration to TAG Heuer’s design and technology; the essence of competitive sports-‘challenge yourself, pursue success, and excellent quality’ has become the brand spirit of TAG Heuer. .

 On February 19, 2014, the TAG Heuer La Maison World Tour Exhibition officially opened in Kuala Lumpur. The mayor of Kuala Lumpur was also invited to attend the event and opened in person. As a result, a 360-degree ring museum of the world-renowned brand TAG Heuer was completed at La Chaux-de-Fonds. From the pictures, it is not difficult to see that the scale of the entire exhibition is still very large. Kuala Lumpur embarked on a tour of Swiss watchmaking, which was lively and interactive.

 For such a great exhibition, of course, it must be a global tour, so from the news disclosed by the brand, after completing this trip to Kuala Lumpur, TAG Heuer will bring this exhibition to Shanghai, Beijing, and South Korea. This is followed by a tour of the next stage across the wide Pacific Ocean in the United States.

 Initial understanding will be held in Las Vegas, Houston, Philadelphia, Miami and Dallas.

 As Mr. Jack Heuer once said, every member of the Heuer family is very precious and unique to us. This time the exhibition can not only tell you the latest developments of TAG Heuer and our rapid progress in technology, but more importantly, the brand is very honored to let the world take a look at our development process.

 TAG Heuer has made many important contributions in the history of Swiss watchmaking: from the vibration balance of the MIKROTIMER watch (the first chronograph accurate to 1 / 100th of a second), to the concept watch MONACO V4, and CARRERA Calibre 360 ​​(the first mechanical movement to display 1 / 100th of a second), countless. Today, the TAG Heuer team continues to write a new chapter in innovation and innovation.

 I believe that through this global tour exhibition, more friends will enter the world of TAG Heuer and learn about the history and glory behind this superb Swiss watchmaking brand.

 Since 1860, TAG Heuer has successfully integrated a variety of opposing elements: heritage and innovation, reputation and quality, sports and charm. As the world’s fourth largest luxury watch brand, TAG Heuer’s creativity, professional skills and rich experience have promoted continuous innovation and breakthroughs in watchmaking technology.

British, English And French Champions Will Win The Seiko 49er European Championship

The European Championship sponsored by SEIKO Seiko was held in Gdynia, Gdynia, Poland in July, attracting more participants and spectators, and once again proved that 49er will become the Olympic A rising star in the fleet.

The 49er fleet sails with national flags, so a large crowd on the beach can follow their favorite team.
The game was held in Gdansk Bay, Poland, only a few hundred meters from the beach where the game was played, and gathered 3,000 to 5,000 spectators to watch the game. This is also the first time that the flags of the participating countries have been raised in order to better lead the audience to more exciting events.
At the beginning of the game, the wind speed of the 16 large-scale matches held ranged from more than 20 knots on the third day to 7 knots on the fifth day. This changing situation is an extraordinary test of 88 participants from 30 different countries.

SEIKO Deutschland Seiko Patricio Testart presents Velatura watches to gold medallists Chris Draper and Peter
In the late stage of the game, players from France, Austria and Italy played against the British team consisting of Chris Draper and Peter Greenhalgh. The British team led by six points.
At the beginning of the final, they chose a very risky route, far away from other fleets, and their first round results were far behind other teams. However, they steadily accelerated to finish the race in third place, thus retaining the title of the champion. The Sibello brothers from Italy won the final, but the French team of Manu Dyer and Stephane Christidis won the silver medal for their excellent results in the previous games, and the former world champions Stevie Morrison and Ben Rhodes from Britain won the bronze medal.

All the winners were given SEIKO Velatura watches. At the same time, SEIKO Seiko also sponsored a coaching training course, which was held just before the competition to give new members the courage to participate. Many crew members from the Netherlands, Russia, and Bermuda participated, and the training course was managed by the highly-reliable 49er coach Richard Parslow.
SEIKO Seiko has been the main sponsor of the international 49er Class competition since 2006, and has given it strong support in terms of funding and equipment. SEIKO is also a sponsor of the international 29erXX Class.
Source: Seiko Watch Corporation