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This Is How Top Watchmaking Craftsmanship Jaeger-lecoultre Jaeger-lecoultre Superb Traditional Ball Tourbillon Westminster Perpetual Calendar Master Watch

The latest masterpiece of the Hybrids Mechanica series

In 2019, JAEGER-LECOULTRE presented a new design and masterpiece of high craftsmanship-Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon Westminster Perpétuel, a superb traditional ball tourbillon Westminster Perpetual Calendar master watch, this is a combination of high-profile and complex craftsmanship and The flagship watch with exquisite decoration technique is also the latest member of the Jaeger-LeCoultre century-old Hybridis Mechanica series.

In the past, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched large watches with amazing technological complexity almost every year, and 2019 is no exception. This time, the brand released the fifth generation of spherical tourbillon works, and the technological complexity climbed to the top of the same level.

When Jaeger-LeCoultre enters the 21st century, it will launch a ‘big watch’ with cutting-edge and sophisticated technology almost every year. Especially since the first launch of the Master Gyrotourbillon 1 series of tourbillon watches in 2004, Jaeger-LeCoultre’s rich creative energy The big explosion began. In 2009, the brand unveiled an unprecedented set of watches called the Hybrids Mechanica 55, including a spherical tourbillon, a three-sided watch, and the brand’s first self-sounding watch, laying the foundation for the ‘Hybris Mechanica’ The name \\ ‘is equivalent to the impression of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s complex process assembly. Later, from 2013 to 2014, Jaeger-LeCoultre established the name of the Hybrids Mechanica series, consolidating the large and complicated models previously produced here. Therefore, as long as any new product of Jaeger-LeCoultre belongs to the Hybrids Mechanica series, it often means that it has a rather amazing technical depth and a high degree of topicality.

In the 43mm diameter of the watch, multiple complex technologies such as three questions, perpetual calendar and ball tourbillon are gathered.At the same time, its eccentric face plate is also decorated with guilloché patterns, fine hammering and big fire enamel. Sexually high

A sensory wearing experience
The superb traditional tourbillon Westminster Perpetual Calendar Master Series watch is the fifth ball tourbillon developed by Jaeger-LeCoultre over the years. The first four are the Master Gyrotourbillon 1 superb tourbillon wrist series launched in 2004. Watches, the Reverso Gyrotourbillon 2 ball tourbillon series introduced in 2008, the Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon 3 Jubilee classic watch tourbillon series released in 2013, and the Reverso Tribute Gyrotourbillon ball tourbillon introduced in 2016 Flywheel flip series watches, etc. In the Hybrid Mechanica series, the spherical tourbillon is not the only advanced design proposed by Jaeger-LeCoultre. In the past, we have also appreciated various flying tourbillons, three-dimensional tourbillons, etc., from which It shows that Jaeger-LeCoultre’s persistence and intention in pursuing the accuracy of the timepiece.

The thickness of the watch is less than 15mm. Considering its large complex functions, the burden on this watch is relatively reduced, and the multi-face modification process on the front side is quite impressive.

Stunning watch thickness
The superb traditional tourbillon Westminster Perpetual Calendar Master Series watch is made of platinum and has a thickness of 14.08mm. It is not particularly heavy for a large and complex watch of this level, which highlights an important point of the brand’s development of this watch. In the past, large and complex watches were often focused only on the height of the craftsmanship. Relatively speaking, they were not necessarily friendly to the wearer, which means that this type of watch may make the case both large and thick. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Reverso ball tourbillon in 2016 has begun to reduce the size of the tourbillon. In this new work, we will be pleasantly surprised to find that the ball tourbillon has become smaller, which has two implications at the same time: One is to increase the difficulty of production, and the other is to improve the wearing comfort. What Jaeger-LeCoultre wants to convey is that large and complex watches can not only be used for storage, even if the watch owner hopes that they can be worn in daily wear. In addition, Jaeger-LeCoultre loaded a constant power device called ” Remontoir d \\ ‘égalité \\ ‘for this ball-shaped tourbillon. It not only can supply the stable power of the tourbillon, but also allows the time display system to operate with the jumping minute display. Demonstrate accuracy, and at the same time will not cause the three-question function to be misled when activated.

In addition to the large blue fire enamel face plate, Jaeger-LeCoultre also launched a silver-white grained face plate with blue steel hour markers and pointer versions. Both versions are limited to 18 pieces, and the precious value is self-evident.

Blue translucent enamel is a craft feature of Jaeger-LeCoultre in 2019
The focus shifted to the entire faceplate. Jaeger-LeCoultre adopted an open-face design. The upper part of the faceplate is the center of gravity of the entire time display. A common element of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s faceplate in 2019 is the blue translucent fire. The enamel is machine-engraved with radial patterns. At the SIHH watch exhibition, many works including the Master Ultra Thin series have designs with the same elements. The superb traditional ball tourbillon Westminster Perpetual Calendar Master Series watch not only uses blue translucent enamel, but also At the same time, another style with a silver-white grain dial is launched. The eccentric dial and the hour and minute hands are coaxial with the pointer date. Because the lower edge of the small dial slightly overlaps with the tourbillon frame, take a closer look at the date scale. When the hands are converted from 16 to 17, the span will be relatively large to directly ‘Skip the tourbillon’, and the small dial has a week display at 9 o’clock, a month display at 3 o’clock, and a year display at 12 o’clock. Jaeger-LeCoultre especially considered the wearer when creating this watch. It’s convenient to use, so its perpetual calendar time information can be adjusted back and forth without affecting the movement. In this way, even if you accidentally let the watch run out of power, you need to adjust the time next time you wear the watch. It won’t be a chore.

The complexity of the 184 hand-wound movement on the watch can be seen from the outside. In particular, it integrates Jaeger-LeCoultre’s previous research and development achievements such as the silent time-reduction system and crystal reed. , With the brand’s unique ball-shaped tourbillon, the precision of the new watch altar in 2019

Spherical tourbillon sees top three questions
Developed to the fifth generation of the ball tourbillon, the superb traditional ball tourbillon Westminster Perpetual Calendar Master Series watch is the pinnacle of the first challenge function in the series, the dial can clearly see the blue crystal gong The main parts of the timekeeping mechanism such as metal hammers, etc., it can be seen from the table name that it is not a general questionnaire but a questionnaire that reaches the level of ‘Westminster Bell’, which means that its hammer and gong must be more than the traditional Complex (in fact, this model has four sets of gongs and hammers) in order to strike a four-segment melody like the bell of Westminster. The brainchild of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s research and development of the watch function, including the silent time-reduction system, crystal The gongs, Trebuchet scale hammers, square cross-section gongs, and telescopic timekeeping buttons that maintain the sharpness of the case are all assembled on this watch; in simple terms, the three-question function of the watch can be easily operated. The sound of the sonata is bright and clear, the melody is beautiful and beautiful, and its timekeeping accuracy is also very high. At the same time, the timekeeping music will be completed in a smooth and smooth manner, without the delay of the music that may be faced by traditional watch phenomenon.

Master Grande Tradition Gyrotourbillon Westminster Perpétuel

Platinum material / 184 manual winding movement / eccentric hours, eccentric minutes, date, day of the week, year display / quiet function / ball tourbillon device / perpetual calendar function / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / water resistance 50 meters / diameter 43mm / Limited 18
Highly complex movements are extremely difficult to assemble
Although the faceplate is extremely eye-catching, but by turning the case back through the transparent bottom cover, you can still enjoy the charming structure of the 184 hand-wound movement. This movement is equipped with many complex functions and the power reserve can reach 52 hours is relatively good in high complexity. Different from the gorgeous feeling on the face plate side, the movement part on the back side presents the hard work of Jaeger-LeCoultre, including the workmanship and decoration of the movement parts, the arrangement and combination of the components, and the various aspects of the operation. The harmonious beauty of professionalism is enough to make people deeply intoxicated. Even the Jaeger-LeCoultre who emphasizes the level of craftsmanship can only produce 36 superb traditional ball tourbillon Westminster Perpetual Calendar master watches, so rare With a special masterpiece of technology, as soon as it debuted, it had already reserved a place for the best watches of 2019.