Month: July 2011

Experience The Luxury Of Temperature Between ‘qibao Enamel’ And ‘lingguang Qizi’

In the watchmaking industry, it is not news for major brands to introduce limited edition watches, but there are not many combinations with traditional Eastern craftsmanship. Just last year, Japanese watchmaker Seiko launched two Presage limited edition enamel limited edition watches at the Basel Watch Fair, with blue machine-engraved transparent enamel dials, crescent seconds, and the level of craftsmanship was amazing. Speaking of ‘seven treasure enamels’, it is a special kind of enamel, which can be traced back to Japan in the Edo period. The dials of the two Seiko Seiko limited edition enamel watches are created by the Ando Qibao store in Nagoya. They are one of the long-established companies and still use Cloisonné technology (Japanese name Shippo). The Qibao enamel dial is hand-glazed by the craftsman Wataru Totan himself. He is a Japanese national treasure Cloisonné technical master. In order to make the dial meet the high environmental protection and safety standards set by SEIKO, Toya He used a lead-free glaze specially developed for this series of watches, and then fired at 800 degrees Celsius. Through repeated glazing and firing, the uniformity of the enamel is ensured. Only when Mr. Totani is very satisfied can the final polishing process be carried out, and a beautiful pattern emerges on the dial, and the surface achieves a beautiful and smooth effect. The Qibao enamel dial is dark blue, reflecting the ocean-like color. The ocean has played an important role in shaping the traditional Japanese culture. Seiko SEIKO proudly incorporates the traditional Japanese seven treasure enamel craftsmanship into the Presage limited edition watch, and in this way shows its respect for the ocean. The deep and lasting blue enamel reflects the eternal blue like the sea that surrounds Japan. The pattern on the dial also symbolizes the surging waves that are constantly flowing to the coast. It is understood that the Presage series of Qibao enamel watches launched by Seiko SEIKO are limited to 2500 pieces in the world, and each of them has a quota of more than 200 pieces in the Chinese market. Because these two watches use the 6R27 and 6R15 movements, respectively, the two watches are priced at around RMB 10,000 in China, which still has a certain collection value and cost performance. To say that the luxury with temperature is always between square inches, the charm of Qibao enamel is that deep blue. The ‘Lingguang Kiriko’, also born in the Edo era of Japan, may make people feel ‘the charm of condensing time.’ . Also last year, Lexus launched a new generation of flagship model LS. The two ‘cuts’ on the left and right door handles can show different light and shadow effects with the change of natural light. In the author’s opinion, the art of ‘Qiezi’ is to polish a piece of glass from multiple sides, and finally achieve the artistic effect of ‘blowing the surface’. If you only look at the photos, it may be difficult to feel the charm of ‘Keiko’ from the plane. But if there is light hitting it, the value of ‘Keiko’ will be reflected. The ‘Lingguang Qiiko’ on the new Lexus LS uses a texture and processing method similar to ‘hemp leaf pattern’, which looks very much like a knife blade. The combination of ‘blade’ and ‘light’ is a flagship of the million-level On the models, we can also feel this unique artistic atmosphere. In addition, we can also find that next to ‘Lingguang Qiiko’, Lexus’s new LS brings a three-dimensional ‘crane feather folding cloth’, like animal feathers, folding and undulating, there is a feeling of taking off. Compared with other luxury brand cars, like the luxury feeling wrapped in leather, Lexus not only can feel the luxury of temperature between square inches, but also reflects the unique ingenuity of the East. It must be said that whether it is Seiko or Lexus, there are many powerful competitors in the watchmaking and automotive industries. Some of their opponents have a longer history and a larger user base, but neither can stop these two brands from continuing to innovate. In creating a sense of luxury, using the perfect combination of traditional arts and crafts with a long history and modern technology, this ancient and modern combination of ‘harmony’, from ‘Qibao enamel’ to ‘Lingguang cutting child’, let users feel To a luxury with temperature. This sense of luxury is full of history, art, and ingenuity from the East. (Text / Qiu Xiaozheng)

Hublot Becomes The Official Timing Of The 3rd China Polo Open

‘Go forward in a different way!’ This is exactly how Hublot advances in China. Today, Hublot, which has been racing in the niche and luxurious polo kingdom for many years, officially focuses its attention on the origin of polo-China, and is honored to be the official timing and official of the third China Polo Open Partners, record the personality contest and success moments of the Green Field!

The third China Polo Open, which started in the Tang Polo Club on September 20, 2013. As the top polo event in Asia, it has grown into a polo with international authority and world influence. Event. This year, polo players from many countries around the world will compete for trophies and prizes in 2-4, 6-8 and high-level competitions. The Hublot chronograph standing on the side of the field will faithfully and accurately inscribe the perseverance and courage of the grassland elites.

 Historically, the horseback exercise exclusive to the royal aristocracy is still the world’s most luxurious sport, and it is also one of the most popular leisure sports of the most successful individuals. From the Hublot Polo Cup Sotogrande, Hublot Polo Gold Cup Gstaad, Hublot Polo Cup in Ascona, Spain In the Hublot Cortina Winter Polo Cup, Hublot is deeply attracted and integrated into such noble, exciting and passionate polo. In 2011, Hublot launched a limited edition Chukker Bang watch specifically for polo sports, which is a perfect fusion of classic elements of polo sports with Swiss top watch technology.

 Commenting on the alliance between Hublot and Polo, Mr. Loic Biver, Hublot’s China brand director, said: ‘Polo is both a sport and an art. Its unique charm and Hublot has always represented the highest level of luxury and luxury. Today Hublot is proud to be able to join the Polo Open, which represents China’s highest standards, to lead more successful Chinese people into the polo kingdom. ‘

 Emphasizing the agility and precision of the immediate battle requires a perfect fusion of man and horse, and the ubiquitous ‘vigor, precision, enthusiasm and tradition’ coincides with the values ​​promoted by Hublot. In the autumn of Beijing, people will finally appreciate the splendor of the polo kingdom with Hublot in the sound of horseshoes on the Wenyu River in Beijing.