Month: April 2011

Yema Maison Horlogere Francaise 1948 Opens New Factory

Yema Maison Horlogère Française 1948 To commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of its establishment, it moved into the new factory of Parc Lafayette in the business park in the center of Besançon. The new 1,400-square-meter factory has two buildings, and the brand will play its part here. Let’s visit the new headquarters office of this international company.

The brand’s new showcase
In front of the building is a large glass curtain wall, which makes the building full of dazzling and bright feeling. The staircase in the room is illuminated by a central column of light, the circular shape of which reflects the dial of the watch. The bright atmosphere makes the working environment more comfortable and makes people feel integrated into the outdoor world.
The materials used in the building are a perfect reflection of the brand’s image.
The 400-square-meter steel structure logistics center symbolizes safety, while the first floor of the main building is decorated with wooden lattices, symbolizing the brand’s spirit of continuous innovation and reform. The colors used in the interior are in line with Yema’s latest watch colors: ocher floor, light walls and black doors with brushed steel handles.
The exquisite, straight-lined architectural silhouette reflects the philosophy of functional priority in design. The two 500-square-meter floors house more than 40 employees in different departments of the company, providing them with a versatile and spacious office environment. The high-tech watch production workshop is a pure white room that can be seen through a large window at the entrance of the building. The customer service department, a showroom and three reception rooms are all located on the ground floor. The administrative management department, marketing and sales department, and senior managers are all on the first floor, so they can communicate with each other better.

Perfect integration with the environment
Construction work began in the spring of 2007 and the work is managed by local architect firm Archi.Tech. It took ten months to build the new building. Architect Ferrini is known for his ‘sustainable environment’ concept, he successfully integrated this stylish yet unique building into the surrounding landscape. The wooden frame is reminiscent of a forest-covered hill just behind the factory. He devoted a lot of effort to the insulation and external corridors, hoping to shield the sun and rain from the outside, reduce the use of air conditioning in summer, and energy consumption in winter. From the beginning, the building has taken full account of future scalability to avoid limiting future work or further environmental protection measures.
Unique logo
A huge blue, stopped bell was placed in front of the building, reminding everyone of the brand’s French descent. ‘We sell watches here, not dominate time.’ Yema’s chairman quotes Fred Lip’s classic quote. The hospitable chairman also requested the construction of a French bowls court so that employees can enjoy this classic French leisure style!
Going global
This new factory is in the free zone in the heart of this fast-growing industry and is also a commercial area on the Besançon border. The plant is close to the main road and railway, and includes a highway to future high-speed rail stations. If successful, the new factory will become a practical showroom in Yema Maison Horlogère Française 1948, showing a new brand image, reflecting the brand’s ambitious global expansion.
new address:
Yema Maison Horlogère Française 1948
18 rue La Fayette
25000 Besançon
Phone: +33 (0) 3 81 54 24 50
Source: Agence COPEGA

Look, The Moon On This Watch Will Glow!

In fact, rabbits have not made the so-called recommendation for a long time. The more big and hard luxury products, the more important it is to budget first, rather than embarrassing yourself at the festival, and often regret later. But today before the Mid-Autumn Festival, I want to show you a fun alternative moon phase table. I just want to have fun, I hope everyone looks up at the sky and looks down at the watch, all have a bright moon in front of them. Many years ago, as a watch watcher (that is, I just could n’t buy it), I often heard people say that the moon phase is romantic, especially for girls, but when I really bought a watch, I found that all romance is concentrated in ‘fun ‘And’ seems worthwhile. ‘ This is why the moon phase function has become a decoration completely today (originally simulating the moon’s operating cycle on the dial to guide humans to live, drink, live, and walk). It may be painted with a human face to simulate expressions, or it may be used to restore the surface of the moon in 3D Potholes, or directly send a 24K gold moon. All this is to make a watch look more attractive and the craft is more worth buying. Today, the rabbit will show you a moon phase watch that may not surprise you at first glance, a classic implicit dress style. This quiet night sky blue-faced steel watch is 40 mm in diameter, but when we put it in the dark, we will immediately see the following. Did you suddenly find it interesting? I believe that readers know that I once wrote this brand that originated in the United States (Boll Watches are now made in Switzerland, and the headquarters and factories are in La Chaux-de-Fonds). Many cousins ​​know that rivers and lakes treat it Evaluation-‘The Strongest Noctilucent Wave’. The Pol watch, which is strongly characterized by radon night lights, creates a highlight of the moon phase watch. Just now this Haoyue series watch (key points to be tested), in addition to blue, silver and black three men’s models, as well as women’s models, is also inlaid with 27 radon night lights on the hands and dial. The name of this female model is ‘Caiyun Chasing the Moon’. The female model also has a mother-of-pearl dial, which has different colors under different light, and the physical texture is much better than the picture. Of course, the rabbit felt that before continuing to introduce the models, it was necessary to reorganize the characteristics of the Bol watch and explain how the term ‘light factory’ came about. Ball Watch was founded in 1891. This year, two trains in Kipton, Ohio, USA collided because the two watch engineers’ pocket watches were not allowed to leave. This alarmed the then American Railroad Company. The founder of Weber Clay Ball was called ‘Mr. Standard Time’ because of the introduction and release of naval observatory time in Cleveland. So after this incident, he was commissioned to check all watches for railway employees, and the demand for precision in the railway department led to the birth of the Bol brand. In the United States at that time, Bol watch was a famous ‘railway watch’, known for precision. The train engineers and workers in the picture use Boer’s pocket watches to proofread standard time. Boer watches around the 1940s relied on the most famous radon night light lighting technology (due to the time reading requirements of war) to stand out. This feature continues to this day, even though major brands are doing luminous coatings, but the most famous luminous use of radon lamps is Bohr watches. Speaking of radon gas (3H), it is scarcely stored on the earth and is basically obtained by artificial synthesis (using carbon dioxide laser technology). Originally in the United States, radon was mainly used for military lighting purposes. Because of the high cost of radon, the amount used on a Bol watch is not much, about 10 micrograms, but it has not hindered its ‘lighting effect’. In addition, the development of different colors of gas lamps also requires technical support. It is also one of the costs of watch making. The half-life of tritium is generally 12.43 years. The lifetime of the tritium lamp of Bolt is about 10-20 years. After more than two half-lives, the light becomes weak. Rabbit will show you another watch of the Moonlight series. Haoyue’s elegant shape, Hyunyue’s style is more tough, we can see the difference from the pointer design. There are 3 colors of the luminous moonlight. There are a total of 28 gas lamps. After watching the classic moon phase shape, let’s admire the work of Hyun Technology School-Moon Shaper. Its hands, scales and dials have 36 radon night lamps. In addition to the luminous moon, there are 14 days of tide rise and fall time display. The periodic ups and downs of seawater are called tidal waves. They are caused by the combined effects of sun and moon gravity and the rotation of the earth. Generally, the tide phenomenon occurs twice in 24 hours. This watch is relatively complicated, the dial scale is also more, and the color of the strap is also rich- The steel strap is relatively low-key, and the various Nato straps are even more dazzling. We appreciate the luminous picture. Although the luminous moon phase is a major feature, the collocation of the Bolt gas lamps goes far beyond that. For example, it belongs to the high-end hydrocarbon watch Skywalker model. It is an integrated sapphire crystal glass bezel, which is also the current popular model of Bol watch. The bezel is a blue-black circle color, using sapphire glass, the color coating is below the glass layer, the number position is intentionally left blank, and the gas rabbit is used to light up the watch rabbit. Choices), the texture is very good, the deepest feeling is the solid materials. This is why Boer’s evaluation in the heart of his friends always has two words: conscience. This is a colorful night disc that can be seen in the dark. Skywalker uses green, blue, yellow and orange gas lamps. Because of the strong light during the day, Ball’s radon night light looks like a normal scale, but at night it is ‘more and more beautiful.’ This year’s new color scheme, the green-black circle (also has two blue and black dial colors) is more eye-catching than the blue and black, and once listed, it has become the king of Skywalker sales this year. I remember before I asked Bolt if consumers could customize the gas light colors themselves, and then realized that this is a complicated project and the customization cost is high, but it is also very interesting. After all, we can have unique gas lights. color. In fact, the color of gas lamps is also full of challenges. The structure of a radon night light is not complicated, that is, the inner wall of a borosilicate glass tube is coated with a fluorescent coating, and a small amount of radon is filled and sealed. Krypton gas will release a small amount of electron flow, which will excite the fluorescent material on the tube wall to make it emit light. Then the tritium night light can be filled with a small amount of phosphide to change the color of the tritium night light. Depending on the phosphide content, sacral tubes are now produced in green, red, blue, yellow, purple, orange and white. Just this year, Boll Watch’s workshop in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, once again broke through the tritium luminescence technology, and produced a pink tritium night light. It is logical that the pink color was used for the first time in Pink Beauty Skywalker. To be honest, when I first saw this female watch, the rabbit was a bit surprised. After all, Bol is a brand that has always been tough. This female watch has a soft, rigid feel. The pink luminous is like this: The current basic price of Bol watches is around 15,000 yuan, and because of the sports watch style and dial features, Skywalker has suddenly emerged in the battlefield of more than 20,000 yuan, becoming the most popular of Bol watches this year. One of the hot selling items. In the price range of 10,000 to 20,000, although the competition is fierce, but the demand is also large, it is mainly two groups of people: beginner consumers with a budget of more than 10,000 yuan; mature consumers with unlimited budgets (buying too many watches) . Maybe junior consumers will choose high-profile, traditional styles for conservative and safety reasons, but mature consumers are more willing to pay for features. Features include both shape recognition and technology (seeing the technology, modern people are so straight-skinned), radon night lights are the most well-known technical features of Boer table, is the choice that luminous lovers can not avoid. The glowing moon is nothing more than a careful thought, it can lead us to explore the details of watch design breakthrough. In a market where the trend is the most convenient, it is the most difficult to adhere to the characteristics, even if it is only a niche. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!