Month: December 2010

Alpiplano Tourbillon Piaget Piaget # 600 #

2017 is the sixtieth anniversary of Piaget’s Altiplano, so this year their new models revolve around this theme, and the big watch of which is the tourbillon. In the past, Altiplano was concise for its beauty. Most of the styles were simple two- and three-pin formal watches. Otherwise, it was craft watches. The introduction of chronographs in the past few years has been rare. This tourbillon is the first in the series. Full of symbolic significance, the content of the watch itself has many details for those familiar with Piaget movements to discover.

Feature one: extension of 600P series
The Piaget Tourbillon movement is a representative model of the 600P series. This is the flagship machine developed by the brand in the early 2000s in order to establish its own expertise in the field of professional watchmaking. Later, the movement itself has been equipped with a variety of additional functions and has also been transferred to the brand Each of its different series, even loaned to other brands in the same group; on the other hand, Piaget also transplanted the tourbillon module of the movement to other basic movements, such as the 608P relative to the tourbillon or the ultra-thin automatic tourbillon. At 1270P, the tourbillon mechanism of the movement came from this.

The Piaget Tourbillon is best known for its cage. The decorative style is quite eye-catching without the front bridge, but occasionally they will change the shape of the cage when they lend the movement to other brands. Equal to the earl

Feature 2: What’s special about 670P
However, a great feature of the 600P series is that it is a rectangular movement. That is because it was originally designed for the rectangular Emperador series, but this was not the case even when it was later transferred to other round shell series. Change, so you will find that the round shell models equipped with the 600P series do not have a transparent bottom cover, so that the square models below are not good-looking in the round shell, so they simply cover the whole. However, this phenomenon has made a breakthrough in this Altiplano Tourbillon.

The decoration of the dial is centered by the eccentric hour and minute hands. From this, a radiating Geneva wave is made, and then a blue-gray transparent enamel is applied on it. Although it is a tourbillon watch, it is still simple and elegant

Feature three: the bottom cover finally cleared up
This 670P movement is a 600P series from the model point of view. The appearance of the tourbillon module is exactly the same as that of the 600P series. However, its surface configuration is very different from the 600P series. The minute hand has also been changed from the center to an eccentric 8 o’clock display. Piaget was very good at breaking up the same wheel train and re-editing it into a new movement. This one is basically using this know-how, but the significance this time is that it finally broke the 600P series square pattern. The base plate of the movement was changed to a circular shape, and as a result, the case back was finally no longer a solid bottom cover, but the generous movement of the same shape as the case was exposed.

The circular splint is basically made of three parts, and the surface decoration is corrugated with the tourbillon as the center. It is worth mentioning that this frame with a transparent bottom cover is set with a circle of diamonds, which is called real low-key luxury

PIAGET Altiplano Tourbillon

18K white gold material / 670P manual winding movement / hour, minute, small seconds display / flying tourbillon device / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / 41mm diameter / limited to 38 pieces only

Rm 67-02 And Alexander Zverev Set Foot On The New Arena

Slim, lightweight, colorful, elegant and sporty, wearing RM 67-02 is a good choice for any occasion. RICHARD MILLE broke the precedent and designed this watch that can adapt to various sports. This also explains that during the development of RM 67-02, many brand friends were invited to personally participate in the interpretation of the colors of the national flag of each country in different styles, and fully test this fully automatic on various occasions outside the track and field. Movement performance. With tennis player Alexander Zverev, RM 67-02 will now enter a new battlefield.

Fully automatic movement easily handles any top sports event
Richard Mille 7th generation self-produced movement
Including the ‘comfort’ strap, the entire watch weighs only 32 grams and is as light as feathers. It is the lightest fully automatic watch in the RICHARD MILLE series.

   Alexander is currently the world’s third-ranked tennis player. In order to test the shock resistance of the RM 67-02 (TPT® carbon fiber and red TPT® quartz fiber material) he is wearing under repeated acceleration shock, he turned tennis courts around the world into Natural laboratory.

   The RM 67-02 worn by the brand’s best friend skier Alexis Pinturault must be able to withstand the extreme cold conditions of the ski resort and the impact when passing through the flag gate.

   The RM 67-02, another version designed for the 5th World Rally Champion Sébastien Ogier, needs to be able to accompany him through the different stages of the Argentina Rally.

   All these models fully demonstrate the mechanical beauty of the CRMA7 movement. The base plate and bridge of the fifth grade titanium alloy are combined with platinum and TPT® carbon fiber variable geometry automatic disks, with perfect polishing. In addition to the comfortable strap and the case made of TPT® composite material with strong abrasion resistance, these watches are perfectly polished to show the beauty, while highlighting the characteristics of each sportsman. -Grade titanium dial. In order to achieve the ultimate wearing experience of RM 67-02, RICHARD MILLE has equipped these two watches with new comfortable straps. The straps are seamlessly designed as a whole, are extremely flexible, ergonomic, and fit all wrist curves perfectly. .

   Currently, Fernando Alonso and rookie racer Charles Leclerc are wearing unique RM 67-02 model watches, and they are racing on the Formula 1 circuit. They are happy to help RM test new technical solutions and hope that one day they will be fully applied to the new watches of RICHARD MILLE.